Frustrated with visas and restrictions….

I live in a beautiful country but the sad truth is – the government is corrupt, the market in Asia just crashed which weakens the rand tremendously and no money is being pushed into the country because who wants to invest in a president that justifies a R250 million security upgrade.

The only jobs making money are professional careers and I didn’t study a professional career because that is not my passion. There is money in the hospitality industry and there is always work, but in South Africa the money is not even remotely enough to support a single person. So what do we do – we search for jobs internationally.

It is absolutely scary when you come to realise that you will never make enough money in your home country in the industry you work in and that no other country can offer you work because of visa restrictions.

Currently it is only America that offers the J1 program for a year traineeship/internship for people from all countries. Once the year is completed you have to return home and can only re-apply after 2 years and once again be a trainee.

I started doing some research before returning home about the possibility to work in another country (not forever but at least 5 years experience would be great) and it is practically impossible in the hospitality industry. You can easily get a skilled visa should you have a professional career such as Engineer, IT, Lawyer, Doctor etc. but not for hospitality.

I practically need a visa for almost every country to travel and work and it is frustrating that people from other countries don’t even realise that they have a golden ticket. Yes I can go to Ireland without a visa, but here is the catch you can only fly through the UK and for that you need a transit visa. There is never just a let’s buy a plane ticket and leave… no there is always some restriction. Not if you are American or a EU passport holder though…

Why do they have the right to just go and work for a couple of years in another country without restrictions? Not only is it easy to work in other countries for them but also for travelling.

I just want to travel the world and experience your culture, I don’t want to become a citizen…

I have many friends in this situation as well (like my best friend from Brazil) and it seems the options for us are very limited: work for and international company and ask to be transferred overseas (mostly skilled positions which does not help us at all), marry an American or EU citizen (I don’t want to marry just for a passport because truly there must be some other way I can do it myself), or have connections and someone willing to sponsor your visa (which I just don’t have).

Frustrated and upset about the realization that I won’t be able to travel for a while or get more International experience, I did the only thing I could think of and applied to work for an Airline as a flight attendant (maybe the benefits for me will outweigh the downfalls because at least I can freely travel).

Let’s see where my path leads me, but here is hoping it leads me to the Inca trail…


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