Lesson 6: the travel withdrawal

So my sister actually inspired me to write again. Yes – that means I am actually home! A lot has happened in these two months since I last posted and I am realizing now that perhaps the reason I haven’t written is because deep down inside I knew that meant the end of my adventure.

It’s strange how you can go through all these emotions in one year and how one moment I can feel like ‘I want nothing more to go home’ and the next ‘I don’t want to leave’!

The truth is I have experienced this before. In the end you really do not remember all the bad, but only the good and how you have grown. The hard part is being home and seeing that everyone else went on with life without you. Whether it is your best friend that now have a boyfriend or one of your school mates that got married… life went on.

And it is hard because you kind of feel left out and you have also grown and changed but you can quite put your growth into a nice little package like ‘marriage’ and show other people.

I think in the end it just comes down to attitude. Changing your perspective and also trying to push yourself to be comfortable again.

Weirdly enough I now see them all as strangers and try to get to know them from the start.  This way, I can get to know how they have changed and also adapt again to my surroundings.

The harder part is going to be living in my parents house again and finding a job with this economy (which I will maybe discuss in another post)… Because let’s be honest, who knows truly what they want to do!


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