Givers and takers

From recent experiences with friends, aquaintences, guests etc, I have concluded that we can divide people in our lives into two categories: takers and givers. 

When I grew up there were simple principles that my parents taught me; 1. Never arrive at the occasion empty handed. 2. Never leave an occasion without saying thank you. 3. Always give something back because there are always people that have less than you. 4. Never ask anything in return but happiness.  

These are simple rules I have always tried to go by in life. It is not always easy but keeping to them has shaped who I am.

Having been brought up with people that always ‘gives’ it bothers me that there are indeed people who just use you and take take take. It is like i’m just a convenient  friend or acquaintance and only useful when I can give something or provide a service.

With this revelation, I slowly started sifting through everyone in my life. And quickly I could seperate the givers from the takers. 

I think a good friendship is when you can have a balance between give and take. And also when you can realise who is the takers, because then you can slowly shut them out of your life. I tend to invest more in people who give more and also respect people more for ‘paying it forward’.

You want to make the world a better place? You can start by actually calling your friend and ask how their day was, without wanting a ride to the city later.

Givers have to set limits, because takers rarely do. 


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