Lesson 5: Let people inspire you

Slowly but surely I will continue sharing all my lessons that I have learned and am still learning while travelling. This is a lesson that was thought to me by a very special cab driver that used to come and visit me each morning when I worked night audit.

She taught me this phrase ‘law of attraction’. She took her time in explaining this to me and I soon realise, wait a minute she might have a point. Maybe this is what I should be doing… seeing the world like she chose to view it.

Law of attraction basically translates to: what you put in is what you get out. If you believe positive things are going to happen to you and you put that out in the world good things will come your way. When she told me this I was like ‘yeah yeah’ she is just giving me a speech. But then I started to actually think about it and then I actually tried it out.

As soon as I started to have confidence that I would have a good day, my day became better. Soon I started to believe that I could be the change and that there is hope for small things like changing the mood of a colleague at work. It really worked. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a work in progress. And yes there are those miserable days where you just can be positive about anything.

At least now, I can try and always think of this lesson that I learned. Because her little speech inspired me to try a new perspective. She inspired me to think beyond the scope of my usual thoughts and soon I found myself trying to inspire other people with positivity.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the people you meet on your travels. Take the time to listen to their stories and let them inspire you to go cliff diving, swim with the sharks, hike up to machu picchu or even inspire you with something as simple as being positive.

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.


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