It feels like months since I have actually posted anything on my blog, so much has happened in so little time. I find myself constantly thinking about writing and I think spend so much time contemplating that I end up not getting around to it.

But it’s strange how one simple thing can change your happiness, however small it might be.

The following things have just had such a big impact:

  • I moved. (to the other side of the island, and it is cheaper!)
  • I stopped working night audit. (yay! I am back to being a normal human)
  • I travelled again. (this is what life’s all about!)

I am certainly happier now that all these changes has happened, and I can see time going by faster because I am having more fun and less stress.

Believe it or not –  in this small time that has passed, I have again learned something about myself. And after all these changes and yet another travel I realise that I don’t know if I will ever be happy to just settle. There is always going to be more and better and I think therein lies my dilemma and this debate that I am having with myself.

I realise now that it is not Key West that I don’t like, but the fact that I am boxed in and forced to live in one place. I hate travelling back here and knowing that I still have to live here for another 2 months. I went to Chicago for 4 days and I swear if I had the option I wouldn’t come back.

One of my good friends just sent me the following quote days ago:

When wanderlust is your biggest desire and enemy because going anywhere is never enough.

It is like this statement has ‘Ali’ written all over it. Maybe my biggest challenge is not to travel but to push myself to stay…  I guess I just have to realise that if you find something/some place or someone that you are willing to compromise for – you have truly discovered something special.

And if I haven’t found myself willing to compromise, maybe I haven’t found my something special yet.


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