Lesson 2: life is too short

I find myself often thinking about all the people I have lost along the way. Sometimes it would be something small, like smelling the perfume they use to wear or just some dé ja vu of a moment we shared. 

I met one of my best friends in 2009 when we began attending the same college. It was strange how much we were alike and how much we had similar personality traits.  It was even stranger when we found out we shared the same birthday!

Over the years we quickly became like sisters, we used to have a standing coffee date every week and shared our difficulties and shortcomings without judgement. We both had this dream of traveling and we were both very ambitious. So in 2014 we both (on seperate occasions) decided to travel to America to come and work here. While living here I saw her twice, once in New York (where she worked) and once in Key West. We talked almost every week on the phone. She returned home in December 2014 and i stayed behind because my contract was for a year. 

On January 8 2015 I found out that she and her brother had both died in a plane crash. She had skyped with me the day before and we were talking about traveling together in Europe. The morning she died she sent me a snapchat of her flight, it was just quite devestating.

My heart broke into pieces and I just realised that life is too short to put off anything you wanted to do today for tomorrow. Buy yourself that pizza, shoes or trip to Europe. Because tomorrow you might be gone and never had the opportunity to do it. 

Everytime I travel now, I think of Tammy and all the places she wanted to travel to, and I carry her in my heart. She has tought me to be fearless and reach for my dream, she has tought me to live in the now. 

  Dedicated to Tammy! We lived part of our dream already and for that I am proud of you. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.


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