Lesson 1: no one has it figured out…

I thought it might be time to actually start writing about lessons that traveling has thought me. I suppose it is as much life lessons as it is traveling lessons.  

A few days ago I wrote a post about my sister and her struggle with quitting uni recently. Past couple of days it really has had her in a downword spiral. So I tried talking to her tonight and realised that she is yet to learn the most important lesson yet when it comes to your future…. You don’t have to know every step believe that you will find your way. 

I have traveled to several countries and no matter what the nationality, culture or language, one thing I can tell you for sure that is the same everywhere is that no one has it figured out. 

Yes, there might be the odd person or two who has a set path which they pursue but the reality is, that will change as well. Because we change all the time. 

I once read a quote which said that as we become older we become ourselves more clearly, and I find this to be so true. Things I used to hate when I was younger I can now tolerate. Some foods I like now more than ever. Some people I now get along with which I didn’t before.

We change. Our mindsets change. Our perspectives change. Therefore, no one has it figured out because as soon as we think we do, we change our mind about what ‘figured out’ means. And it is okay not to know what the future holds. 

We have this natural curiosity to know what happens next, but we often forget to embrace the ‘now’. 

Does it scare me? Yes. Do I often think about what happens next? Yes. At least at the end of the day I can comfort myself knowing that nobody has it figured out. We all just make the best of what we have and stumble forth to make an even better version of ourselves. 


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