Tourists Part 1

I find that guests quite often ask me some very strange and idiotic questions, and the past couple of days it has just been constant, which makes me wonder if people are actually educated or if they are just really ignorant?


It is normal for people to be inquisitive but I thought I would just share some of the questions that has been asked to me during these 7 months I have lived here because I am up to a point where I guess I can only laugh about it…


I can probably divide it into two categories of questions: where I live now & where I am from (this will be part 2 of my blog).


Where I live now:

As you have probably read by now, I live in the southern most part of the United States, Key West, Florida. For you that know geography, its only 90 miles from Cuba and close to the Bahamas and Caribbean. For you that don’t – it’s the bottom right corner of the United States. So just to give you a little bit of information – it is connected the mainland by a set of bridges the most famous of course the 7 mile bridge and lies completely at the end of all the Keys. It is summer year around and get as hot as 90 degrees and 90% humidity. The coldest it’s ever been is 51 degrees while I have lived here. Our sunsets and snorkel is very popular as well.


I have been asked the following questions (I was really awe-struck with some of these questions):

– Can you snorkel under the island? (uhm yeah, let me just lift up the island for you)

– How many sunsets will there be tonight? (I don’t know, maybe one like every night?)

– How far are you from the Golden Gate Bridge (try other side of the country…)

– What is the bathing suit policy? (does luxurious hotel brand say nude beach to you?)

– How long is the 7 mile bridge? (perhaps 5 miles?)

– Does the water go all the way around the island? (no it is just called an island, the definition is not correct!)

– Which beach is closest to the water? (well sir, let me think, all of them!)

– I am just so disappointed with my stay because it rained all the time, does it always rain? (what did you expect? that it wouldn’t rain on a tropical island?)

These are just some of the questions I can remember – I think there is a reason the saying “Don’t leave your brain at home” exists.


The hardest thing for me is that I actually had to answer all of these questions with a straight face and a polite answer that didn’t portray my opinion of their ignorance. At least they brighten up my day a little I guess!


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