This morning/night my day started with having to call 911 for a guest that was having a stroke. It’s common that you come across emergencies in the hospitality industry, but it was still a frightening experience for me and mind you also calling 911 in America for the first time.


Ever since then my mind has just been preoccupied. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and then had to go back and re-read or re-watch a part because your mind was just scattered? I was driving past a traffic light and just as I got to the next intersection I wondered to myself if the light was actually green?


It happens because I over think everything. I must have somehow inherited some form of obsessive gene that lets me think a 1000 thoughts at once or analytical gene that makes me go over every situation and think, ‘how could I have handled it differently’? Is there an off button anywhere?


Personally, I think that’s my biggest flaw. I always doubt myself because I think I can do better.

Like I constantly doubt why I am here and if what I am pursuing is what I want to do. Sometimes I feel we just stumble forth into the path in front of us and just deal with it as it comes. But how do you stop worrying about the future and how do you tell your brain to be unoccupied? I think once we figure that out, we can certainly live more freely and take more chances. Something I yet cannot fully master…


There is a great quote that my best friend used to tell me which completely sums up my feelings : “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo


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